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Why I want to write this article?
The 3 variants of binary search algorithm confuses me frequently? Why do I need to set right = size or right = size -1? Why is the termination condition is left < right or left ≤ right?

So in this article I want to explore a little bit about the reason behind 3 main variant of binary search algorithm.

  1. the classic binary search algorithm

In this algorithm, we want to find exactly the index of the target in the sorted saerch array.

The (right + 1) return value means what is the index…

my question:

how do they leverage the characteristics of NVM e.g. non-volatile, byte-addressable

  1. for write operation, it allocates storage in requested operation granularity instead of block allocation.
  2. I don’t have another one for this question…
  3. use RDMA-NVM to accelerate the speed of I/O
the architecture of assise

🤗 Assise tries to leverage the high speed of read and write operation of NVM, integrating it into a distributed file system. And it improves I/O performance.

Assise allocates storage size in a dynamic granularity in NVM instead of block allocation like tradition block storage device.

For write operation, there are 2 stages.

  1. libfs directly writes to a process-local cache in NVM
  2. to outlive…

# introduction
c++ servers have memory footprints that vary over time, causing heap fragmentation. c++ memory managers cannot move objects
To handle multiple requests simultaneously, current os tend to use huge pages
The paper tries to solve the problem that reducing fragmentation with huge pages

get the prediction of lifetime of the objects based on the object generating context

But we also want to avoid profiling in deployment because its overhead is too high compared to normal memory allocation.

# background

feeding data consists of allocation’s full stack trace, a timestamp of the allocation, object size, alignment and the stack…


master of SYSU, do research on computer system software

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